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Sample Preparation Equipment

Lenton supply Sample Preparation Equipment supplies and equipment to laboratories throughout Africa. We source a wide range of local and imported lab testing equipment for sample prep. Should any item you require not be listed, please let us know and we will make every attempt to source it for you.

We are continually expanding our range of lab sample equipment products for all of your laboratory and scientific research needs. - please contact us to let us know of your requirements.

Sample Preparation for Your Next Project

Sample preparation is an important part of any project that involves biological samples. It includes steps like extracting DNA, RNA, proteins, and other molecules from cells, tissues, or organisms.

What Is Sample Preparation?

Sample preparation is the process of preparing a sample so that it will work properly when used later. This might involve removing contaminants, breaking down large pieces into smaller ones, or purifying the sample.

Sample preparation equipment products available

  • Jaw Crushers Disk
  • Pulverizers 
  • Ring Mills 
  • Rotary Beater Mills 
  • Cutting Mills 
  • Rod Mills 
  • Ball Mills 
  • Asphalt Extractors 
  • Oil Centrifuge 
  • Grinding vessels in Chrome, Carbon Steel and Tungsten Carbide 
  • Tube Dividers 
  • Sieve Shakers 
  • Cascade Splitters 
  • Sieves 
  • Sample Presses 
  • Fluxers for XRF Samples 
  • Spares 
  • Service & Repairs

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