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Quality results and quality work in a lab starts with great equipment. Our sale representatives have lab experience and know how crucial it is to have laboratory and scientific equipment that you can trust.

Lenton knows it is also important to receive your laboratory equipment and supplies in a timely period and not hold up your laboratory results.

We offer a wide range of lab equipment and scientific supplies including Calibration Equipment, Furnaces & Accessories, Temperature Products, Sample Preparation Equipment, Laboratory Blenders, Laboratory Equipment, & Specialty Equipment .

If there is something you need, please drop us a line and see if we can help. We have a wide range of equipment and suppliers.

Why Lenton is the right choice for your laboratory supply needs?

Lenton started in 1993 and has continued to be a leader in laboratory supplies throughout Africa.

Our purpose is to contribute to our client’s success through the provision of value-adding services. We value quality service and integrity in every activity we perform.

Lenton believes in nurturing our relationships with our customers so that we become their partners in business success.

Our goal is to supply quality scientific equipment, as determined by their suppliers, at reasonable prices to their clients.

We also inform our customers of new technology and products that are relevant to their particular industry. We assure that every effort will be made to maintain the equipment in a state of working order for the life of the equipment (as determined by the manufacturer).

We are your Laboratory equipment suppliers in South Africa.

Lenton are laboratory equipment suppliers, Cape Town to Cairo.

Actually, we cover all of Africa. We currently are servicing clients in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco and more… Contact us today.

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Furnaces & Accessories

LENTON supplies imported and locally manufactured furnaces to suit a wide variety of applications and sciences.

calibration equipment - lab supplies
Calibration Equipment

Our range of calibration equipment rank with the world’s leading manufacturers. We supply temperature, electrical, & pressure calibration equipment.

Temperature Products

We have a great range of temperature measurement instruments for your laboratory & scientific needs.

Our continually expanding range of sample preparation products reflects the needs of your laboratory & scientific requirements. We source products to fit your sample preparation needs.

Our Waring Blenders are among the worlds best laboratory blenders. Learn more about our latest laboratory products &suppliers

We are able to source a wide range of local and imported product. Learn more about our latest laboratory products &supplies.

Our professional-grade speciality equipment comes with the knowledge and background expected in the industry. Our service… your wealth.