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Laboratory Blenders

Laboratory BlendersWaring® Laboratory Blenders, the world leaders in Laboratory Blending

Waring® Laboratory Blenders have been a driving force in the Laboratory for nearly 75 years. With unequalled speed and efficiency, the heavy-duty motors use up to 3.75 HP to power through a variety of Materials in no time. From hard to soft, from solid to Liquid or any combination of Wet and Dry materials, Waring Laboratory Blenders will provide your laboratory with the homogeneous result that you require. Powerful, Long-Lasting and easily cleaned and Autoclaved, Waring Blenders tackle the toughest to the gentlest applications. Covering all industries, from R&D, Food, Micro, Chemical, Medical, Tissue, Plant and more – Waring laboratory blenders are at present supplying the laboratories with the sample preparation required for analyses of the highest order

Capacities range from 12ml to 2L, with BPA-free co-polyester, glass, and stainless containers designed to meet the demands of every Laboratory. Vessels with cooling, anti-foaming and pressurised options enhance the application range to suit your, the laboratories, needs. With a wide range of speeds, timer options and functions, including PULSE and variable speed options, it’s the basic tool with exceptional abilities!

Waring® Laboratory Blenders have a variety of Blenders and Vessels for a wide variety of applications please do not hesitate to contact Lenton for any of your blending requirements.