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Isotech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of temperature calibration equipment world-wide, no other company in the world can offer such a comprehensive approach or understanding of the requirements of measurement laboratories and no other company both makes and uses the products it sells and is totally dedicated to temperature metrology.

Complete Calibration Systems

Calibration systems for the Industrial Laboratory, a small general purpose facility, the Sceondary Standards Laboratory working to accuracies between 0.1°C and 0.001°C. 

True Temperature Indicators

A range of solid state electronic temperature indicators. For all types of measurement laboratory. These products are the finest available of their type. 

Standard Platinum Thermometers

The highest quality SPRT's available to realise ITS-90, a range of semi-standards suitable for industrial use and an established range of standards.

Metrology Products for Primary Laboratories

Products which direct embodiments of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS 90). 

Professional Comparison Calibrators

The most accurate stirred liquid comparison baths as used in most National Laboratories world-wide. 

Dry Block Calibration Systems

Where checking is required to industrial accuracy and speed or portability is important. On-site Calibrators & Laboratory Calibrators. 

Black Body Sources

A number of black body sources to the highest standards available. Metrology Laboratory Software.


Martel Electronics, founded in 1987 by David DeVries Sr. and Thomas Fatur, is a major manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, including calibrators. Our calibration products are used in the installation and maintenance of industrial instrumentation and OEM applications. With our strategic partnerships with leading OEMs serving the process industry, allows us to incorporate the latest technology and maintain high quality standards. Our products are sold through a network of expert and knowledge distributors.Throughout our growth, we have maintained a small business, customer-oriented approach in all phases of product development, manufacturing, quality control and after sales service. Computer aided design, in-house software and surface mount capability enable Martel to offer "smart products in small packages", and maintain cost effective manufacturing practices.


No other company in the world can offer such a comprehensive approach or understanding.

Bench-top Calibrators

A number of black body sources to the highest standards available.

Temperature Products 

We are able to source a wide range of local and imported product. Should any item you require not be listed, please let us know and we will make every attempt to source it for you.

We are continually expanding our range of products - please contact us to let us know of your laboratory equipment and scientific needs.


  • Non-contact Infrared thermometers
  • Hand-held and industrial thermometers
  • Digital Thermometers 
  • Thermocouple Probes 
  • Data Loggers 
  • Humidity Meters 
  • RTD & Thermistor Thermometers 
  • 12-Channel Scanning Thermometers 
  • Temperature Controllers and Probes 
  • Dilatometers 
  • Thermal Analysis Systems 
  • Glass Testing Systems 
  • Thermal Conductivity Instruments

Why calibrate a thermometer?

For the most accurate readings, thermometers need calibration to avoid the drift of readings through such occurrences as mechanical shock or other possible reasons.

A resolution and boundary error are the key characters in a temperature measuring device. Depending on measurement methods, their value could be affected by the converters, temperature sensors, and measuring systems used in thermometers.

The temperature uncertainty value determines the accuracy of a measurement.